IT Consulting

Zentua is a boutique IT consulting company specialising in providing Linux and Open Source solutions to small and mid size businesses. Businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to small business owners are now looking to reduce IT budgets and the overall cost of commercial software through the use of Open Source technologies. We can assist by offering high quality, cost effective staffing, project-based consulting services, and ongoing system administration and support contracts.

Why Linux and Open Source?

Let's just say it. We love technology and we enjoy solving problems. One problem we found was that at some stage various proprietary software applications actually began to limit what we could do. Being programmers and tinkering types, if we wanted to change something or add some new functionality, we couldn't. That was where Open Source software stepped in.

Consequently, our decision to use and support Open Source technologies is primarily motivated by the commercial application of the technologies and 'getting the job done', rather than the ideological benefits surrounding Open Source Software.

Use of Open Source software and access to the application source code results in a number of benefits, some of which are:

  • Reduction in vendor lock-in
  • Larger development communities, resulting in more eyes examining the source code -> fewer bugs and faster fixes
  • Increased Audit-ability - Closed-source software forces its users to trust the vendor when claims are made for qualities such as security, freedom from backdoors, etc.
  • Increased Reliability - Severe defects tend to be fixed within hours of their being detected, a process which is undoubtedly assisted by the availability of the source code; another benefit of the 'openness' of Open Source software
  • Increased Flexibility and Freedom - choose what you need when you need it, and upgrade whenever you want
  • Cost - typically $0 licensing charges. Multiply that by 100 servers or workstations, get the idea

Therefore, we believe that a genuine competitive advantage is gained, allowing us to provide business solutions that are more flexible, stable and cost-effective.

Why Zentua?

  • We specialise in Open Source technologies and their placement and use in the enterprise environment
  • We are highly skilled, energetic and versatile professionals who are passionate about our work. We offer a unique blend of core experience in both proprietary and open source technologies, along with our specialised skills in our areas of expertise
  • From e-commerce websites, High Availability clusters to staff workstation deployments and Linux/Windows integration, whatever your particular situation might be, we appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

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Linux consulting and OSS deployment

  • Provide analysis of where and how Open Source software may be suitable for deployment in your particular business
  • From examining your requirements, through to design and installation, we work with you to provide a solution tailored to your needs

IT services commonly requested

  • Email solutions
  • Integration of proprietary applications (e.g. MYOB) with Linux
  • Full service web hosting - everything needed for a web presence
  • e-commerce websites
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions - connection of remote offices and roving laptop users
  • Ticket request/Project management/Calendaring/the list goes on...
  • PBX telephony
  • Intranet web-portals
  • Security assessments